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RMA Form

How to complete the form:-

1. Fill in the form including your details and reason for the return.
2. Make sure you complete the Order Number the item(s) was originally ordered under.
3. Ensure you read the T's & C's so you understand the conditions for possible extra charges.
4. Once the form is submitted write down the RMA number that will appear on screen.
5. Ship the unit with RMA number clearly visible using your preferred shipping agent.

Problems completing the form?  Phone us and speak to one of our friendly staff instead

What unit are you sending back?

Make and Model of unit(s)*

Why are you sending it back?

Detailed Symptoms/Problem*
What was the original Order Number? *

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Your contact details:-

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Important Information

The original item was tested fully before it left us. If you are having problems then please check that the system that the unit is connected to does not have any issues (e.g. incorrect wiring, short circuits, spikes, surges etc.). Items damaged by such issues will not be covered under warranty.

We offer a 1 or 2 year (item dependent) 'no quibble' warranty and are proud to offer this on all units that we repair.  This warranty covers the components and wiring that we have undertaken work on.  The testing of other parts of the circuits does not mean that these are also covered under the warranty (in the same way that, for example, changing an alternator on a car would not give you a warranty on the battery that it supplies). 



RMA orders are NOT prioritised above normal repair orders, and will follow the same time-frame. Our engineers will verify the order within 2-3 working days of reciept. 95% of returned items are No Fault Found, which you will be informed of promptly. However, if repairs are necessary under the warranty terms, they will be completed within our normal repair order timeframe.


Returns Terms and Conditions :-

1. As per the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 act - you have the right to a refund but you MUST inform us within 14 days of receiving the item.
2. Outside of 14 days there may be a restocking charge or no refund option.
3. Postage to Apuljack Engineering will NOT be paid unless the item arrives in a non working condition. Payment will only be made for basic postage costs excluding insurance and extras and only with a shipping receipt.
4. The item must be returned within a further 14 days (i.e. no more than 28 days from receipt) and in its original resaleable condition (i.e. fully working and in the original packaging).
5. If you ordered using a premium shipping service then we will only refund the value of standard shipping.

Warranty Claim Terms and Conditions :-

1. Warranty is offered on a 'Return to Base' basis hence shipping to AE (including any insurances) will be at the buyer's expense and is not refundable.
2. Once received, items will be tested and inspected to determine the cause of the failure.
3. If the fault is found to be caused by external factors (e.g. over voltage) then we reserve the right to refuse the warranty claim and there may be additional charges to repair the item. We are happy to offer technical advise to help you resolve these external issues.
4. If the unit is examined by Engineering and is 'No Fault Found' we will perform a full functional test (like all other units we repair) and this will incur our standard testing fee and return shipping.  If you want to avoid these charges then we suggest you ask for technical help BEFORE sending the units back to us.
5. Units only benefit from a warranty if the original repair/order has been paid for in full and you have no debts.
6. Warranty items may not be repaired/replaced in the same timescale/turn around time as the original order.

I agree with the Standard, Returns and Warranty Terms and Conditions*

Click here to read the Standard Terms and Conditions (new window).

To prove you are human and not a nasty Bot, please type the 2nd, 3rd and last digit of the Apuljack Engineering phone number, shown in green below, into the box (hint: it is between 120 and 130):-

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Call us on 01278 588 922 if you are having problems with this form

Please ensure all fields marked with a * are completed otherwise your RMA will not be approved.

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